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Amazingly easy recording, editing, sound stories & backing track creation using the free audio editing program Audacity.

This online course assumes no prior knowledge and will look at some of the great ways that Audacity can be utilised in the music, dance and language classes as well as for amateur and professional musicians.

For more information about the course content, see the full Course Outline below.

Who is this course for?

  • anyone that would like to make quick changes to audio tracks (fade-outs, delete a chorus, remove vocals)
  • teachers, students, conductors and performers that want to create their own backing tracks
  • anyone wanting to make fantastic sound effects and create their own stories with students
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No previous Audacity experience required. This course is designed for complete beginners

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  • 4 x LIVE sessions
  • Live Q & A
  • Session recordings
  • Downloadable notes
  • Homework tasks
  • Links & other resources
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What you need for the course

  • A PC or Mac computer with internet access to allow you to watch the live or recorded sessions
  • For the live course: headphones (optional, but they allow you to hear me more clearly)
  • A copy of Audacity version 2. Download for free here.

Cost and Payment Terms

OPTION 1: Live online course (12 months’ access to course materials): AUD $240 (Australian residents: price includes GST). 

OPTION 2: Replay Pass (6 months’ access to course materials): AUD $175 (Australian residents: price includes GST).

Payment options as follows:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card (via the Paypal website. No Paypal account necessary. Will incur a transaction fee of $7.70)
  • Invoice option available for schools and businesses [Australian residents only. Purchase order number required]

LIVE courses. Please note:

  • Payment must be received by the second course session. Please note the course cancellation policy.
  • If you wish to sign up for the course, but do not yet have approval from your school, please email me.
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All sessions are presented by Katie Wardrobe. You can read more about Katie here.

Course Outline*

The Amazing Audacity Online course will cover a range of skills, including the following:

Session 1: Basic Audio Editing With Instant Results

  • Audacity screen tour
  • Importing an existing audio track into Audacity
  • Playback controls
  • Zooming in and out
  • A few playback shortcuts
  • Removing vocals from song
  • Recording new vocals over the top of a backing
  • Changing the pitch of a song without changing tempo
  • Changing tempo of a song without changing pitch
  • Selecting audio
  • Applying changes to a section of a song
  • Understanding audio file formats
  • Identify which formats can be imported and which can’t
  • What to do about audio files that can’t be imported
  • Saving Audacity files (including tips for teachers)
  • Tips for keeping track of different versions of audio files
  • Exporting audio to a CD
  • Exporting audio for MP3 players
  • Participant Q&A

Session 2: Intermediate Editing Techniques

  • Selecting the beginning or end section of a track
  • “Chopping up” audio
  • Cutting off the end of a song
  • Creating a fade-out or a fade-in
  • Selecting a precise portion of a track
  • Selecting part of a track during playback
  • Adjusting a selection without using the mouse
  • Deleting a chorus or verse of a song
  • Previewing a cut
  • Splitting a track into separate portions
  • Creating short musical examples for presentations or assessments
  • Embedding audio files into Powerpoint, Keynote or interactive whiteboard software
  • Exporting sections of an audio track as separate flies
  • Participant Q&A

Session 3: Live Recording for Absolute Beginners

  • Recording equipment for all budget levels
  • Basics of equipment setup
  • Ways of getting recordings into Audacity
  • Using Audacity for student rehearsal and performance assessment
  • Recording conditions
  • Setting levels in Audacity
  • Coping with recording in a classroom setting
  • Recording instruments and vocals
  • Setting up a click track
  • The importance of headphones
  • Applying effects: concert hall, small space, equalisation, compression, reverb, normalisation
  • Participant Q&A

Session 4: Sound Effects and Digital Storytelling

  • Make your own sound effects from scratch (earthquake, lion’s roar, waves and more)
  • Write and plan a story
  • Record the story
  • Change your voice: robot, chipmunk, monster, telephone voice, Darth Vader, alien
  • Cut up audio tracks
  • Move the audio around on the timeline
  • Easy ways to view multiple tracks
  • Using positioning guides
  • Importing sound effects
  • Altering the length and volume of sound effects
  • Adjusting track levels (basic mixing)
  • Exporting and sharing stories
  • Incorporating images and video with other software tools
  • Participant Q&A

*Midnight Music reserves the right to alter course content when necessary.

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