How To Create Spooky Music Using GarageBand for iPad

Posted on October 1st, 2013 in iPads, Music Tech Tips.

8 ways to create spooky music sounds for soundscapes and storytelling

Spooky music sample project Pinterest

I’ve been working hard on my upcoming ebook iPad Projects for the Music Classroom and wanted to share a little taster project with you. This is a simple project involving the GarageBand app and it’s suitable for the music classroom and also for the general classroom. You can download a PDF copy of this sample iPad music project here.

Using the spooky music creation techniques suggested in the video below, students can make their own programmatic music for storytelling activities or for movie soundtracks.

In this video you’ll learn how to make these spooky sounds:

1. The Suspenseful Drone

2. The Dissonant Drone

3. Creepy Pizzicato Footsteps

4. Terrified Heartbeat

5. The Erie Piano

6. Crunchy Chords

7. Dramatic Diminished 9th

8. The Monster Roar

Using your spooky sounds: an example

I put together a short example project using the spooky sounds in a storytelling activity which you can take a look at in the video below. I recorded the narration on the top track using the Audio option in GarageBand’s instrument screen. The spooky sounds were recorded on the remaining tracks.

iPads in Music Education Sample Project

Download this project – sample chapter [PDF]

Download a PDF copy of this sample iPad music project

Step-by-step iPad projects: ebook coming soon!

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